How to make savings on your heating bills during summer

Summer is finally in full swing, and with the season starting with surprisingly balmy temperatures it’s the perfect opportunity to make savings on our annual heating bills.

Here are just some of the few ways that you can help your energy bills have a healthier reading this summer:

Get creative with your cooking

Turning on your oven just to heat up a small ready meal, is the opposite of energy efficiency. Why not try throwing a selection of meat, fish and vegetables on the barbeque or using the microwave to heat up food you have already prepared. To save using energy altogether, apart from the effort involved in whipping up a tasty meal, put together a meal of cold cuts, salads and sandwiches and enjoy dining al fresco.

Close your curtains

While there is nothing more enjoyable than throwing open our curtains to soak up the sun’s rays, doing so may heat up our rooms, and cause us to flick on our air conditioning more times than we’d like to. Close your curtains, blinds and window coverings when the sun is at its peak, usually midday, and you’ll be feeling cool, calm and collected before you know it.

Take a cold shower – yes really!

Taking a cold shower in the winter months only usually takes place when our boilers have failed us. Fast forward to the summer, and cold showers are something to be relished not feared. As well as minimising our energy usage during the summer months, after a day spent sun bathing or carrying out our daily errands, a cold shower leaves us feeling clean and refreshed rather than hot and sticky.

Open windows and doors

Why have the air-conditioning on at full blast when you can simply enjoy the benefits of good old fresh air for free? Keep your windows and internal doors open during the day to keep the rooms in your home from overheating.