Farmers can save money on their fuel bills thanks to Rix

Farmers can save hundreds of pounds on their annual fuel bills thanks to a new product introduced by Rix Petroleum.

Super Heat 35 has been specially developed for the agricultural sector to power all burner applications above 88KW such as boilers, dryers and roadside roadstone coating plants.

Duncan Lambert, director at Rix Petroleum, said farmers can save around 3.9p per litre compared to the costs of standard fuel, which equates to a total annual saving of between eight to 10 per cent.

The product has been exclusively developed for Rix Petroleum and is not available from any other supplier.

Mr Lambert said: “Super Heat 35 gives you more power for your money, or more bang for your buck, as we like to say.

“It is much more efficient than using standard gas oil in grain dryers and can save arable farmers hundreds of pounds each year.

“The product has other benefits too, for example it is less abrasive than kerosene and has a longer shelf life than bio-fuel products.

“Although Rix can supply conventional gas oil, diesel and kerosene as well, Super Heat 35 is what we recommend for drying grains because you get premium performance but without the premium price.”

Super Heat 35 is available from the firm’s depots in Yorkshire and Humber, the Midlands and Mercia, which runs from Shropshire up to Manchester.