Competition winner receives 500 litres of heating oil

As the temperatures start to drop again, Rix Petroleum is continuing to keep their customers warm, some of them for free. Working with the Leamington Spa Courier, we ran a competition for a lucky winner to receive 500 litres of Heating Oil for the winter.

We are delighted to announce that Stoneleigh resident Ted Hind won and received his delivery last week.

Mr Hind said he rarely entered competitions but decided to do so on this occasion as winter was beginning to bite.

“I saw it in the paper and thought I would give it a go,” Mr Hind said.

“So I posted off my entry and left it at that. I was very surprised to find out I had won, and obviously very pleased. I had just had a delivery two days before I found out so winning another 500 litres will take me almost all of the way through winter.”

Paul Doherty, director of Rix Petroleum’s Warwickshire depot, congratulated Mr Hind on his win.

“It was a great pleasure to deliver to the Hind family and I’m delighted they were the lucky and deserving winners. It will certainly help the family keep warm throughout the winter months.”

We’d like to thank you to everybody else who entered! If you didn’t win this time, Heating Oil prices are at an all-time low, so get a free online quote here.