Benefits of using an OFTEC engineer for oil boiler servicing

When it comes to oil boiler servicing, there’s no room to take risks with safety. Therefore, it’s strongly encouraged that you use a fully-qualified OFTEC engineer to service your heating oil boiler. Every single one of Rix’s heating oil engineers are qualified by OFTEC to ensure we’re delivering the highest standards in terms of safety and quality to our customers. But what exactly is an OFTEC engineer and how can you be sure you’re receiving a qualified OFTEC boiler service? Keep reading to learn more.

What is OFTEC?

The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) is an independent body authorised to register businesses working with oil-fired equipment, like Rix.

OFTEC is an integral organisation that helps to maintain and uphold safety standards throughout the industry.

In 2002, the British Government officially recognised the ‘competent person schemes’ for tradespeople to self-certify as installers without needed building regulations approval. OFTEC’s scheme for heating engineers was the first to be formally recognised on the scheme.

What is an OFTEC Engineer?

Heating oil engineers can complete a regulated training course with qualifying assessments in order to become OFTEC registered. Once an engineer has successfully passed this programme, OFTEC will regularly reassess them to ensure they continue to meet strict quality requirements.

At Rix, before any of our engineers are allowed to visit our customers, they have to complete training to become OFTEC registered. This ensures that our engineers are fully-qualified to the highest level. In turn, this ensures a comprehensive and reliable service for our customers.

Why Use an OFTEC Boiler Service?

We strongly recommend using engineers, like our Rix engineers, who are fully qualified to deliver an OFTEC boiler service. Here are some of the benefits this will give you:

  • Regular assessments: OFTEC engineers have their work assessed from time to time to ensure they are maintaining standards and safety.

  • Work meets building regulations: You can certify that their work meets current building regulations. This is something a non-OFTEC qualified technician cannot do which means local authority building control have to become involved in any work being undertaken. This takes extra time and effort.

  • Essential re-certification: To continue with OFTEC oil boiler servicing, qualified engineers need to be re-certified every five years. This ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest regulations and developments within the heating oil engineering world.

  • Photo ID: OFTEC engineers will carry photo identification with them showing exactly what type of oil heating work they are certified for. This gives customers added clarity and reassurance.

  • Direct guidance from OFTEC: If needed, qualified engineers can access guidance and advice directly from OFTEC. This means that if any potential issues arise, your engineer will be able to get extra feedback, support and guidance from the regulating body.

  • Insurance and documentation: They are suitably insured to provide an OFTEC boiler service in your home and will provide you with documentation for any work they have undertaken in your home. This helps to minimise risk and helps you to manage your oil tank’s service record.

  • Warranty: Any OFTEC oil boiler servicing carried out by a qualified engineer will have a warranty covered by OFTEC. This gives you added protection in the unlikely case that something were to go wrong.

  • Widely recognised: As OFTEC is an independent, specialist body that is recognised by the Government, you can trust that qualified OFTEC engineers from oil companies to heating appliance and tank manufacturers are both reliable and knowledgeable.

Does an Engineer Need to be OFTEC Registered to Service Boilers?

No – it is not a legal requirement for engineers to obtain OFTEC qualifications before installing an oil fired boiler. However, using an OFTEC engineer is recommended for enhanced safety and quality. The Northern Ireland Government and Environment Agency explicitly encourage home owners to use OFTEC engineers.

How Often Should My Oil Boiler be Serviced?

It is recommended by OFTEC that oil fired boilers are serviced by an OFTEC engineer once a year. However, there are a number of basic checks you can do to see if your heating oil tank needs inspecting by a qualified engineer.

If you would like to learn more about our OFTEC engineers at Rix, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. If you would like to book an oil service appointment, please click here.