Get the best bang for your buck with premium heating oil.

As the chilly mornings begin to set in, you may be wondering what’s the best way to keep your home warm this winter, without breaking the bank. If that’s you, look no further than K+ premium heating oil.

It comes as no surprise that as winter approaches, it becomes more difficult to keep tight control over your home's temperature, and your wallet. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to the benefits of using K+ premium heating oil to keep your home toasty, even when jack frost is nipping at your toes!  

What is premium heating oil?

K+, often referred to as kerosene + or premium heating oil, is generally used to heat rural homes and businesses to a higher standard than normal heating oil. Over time, oil-fired boilers, and other appliances can produce excess sludge and become clogged due to carbon fouling, which then results in a loss of temperature. K+ has been specifically designed to mitigate the build-up of that bi-product, with decreased impurities, and stronger combustion.  

Premium vs standard heating oil, what are the benefits?

So how much of an impact will K+ make during the winter months compared to standard heating oil?  

Generally, K+ ages better than standard kerosene, which means it’s better for your boiler. A healthy boiler is a reliable boiler, with a cleaner, stronger combustion, K+ will go a long way to reduce your boilers wear and tear, avoiding costly repairs in the future.

Your boiler will be working very hard during those particularly cold days, especially if your house is on the larger side. Choosing to feed your boiler premium heating oil can help avoid overworking your boiler, as it is much more efficient than standard heating oil. This can directly reduce your order volumes too.

Earlier we mentioned the unwanted carbon fouling standard heating oil can produce with can prevent your boiler from running at optimum performance. In some cases, K+ can actually clean that residue thanks to its burn quality.

So, is it really worth it?

Depending on your requirements, premium heating oil can bring a level of efficiency that Is unmatched by standard kerosene, protecting your boiler’s health and directly aiding in the prevention of damage, wear, and tear.

Despite K+ costing a little more than its counterpart, you will begin to see cost savings in both short and long-term usage.  

Ready to give K+ a try? You’re in luck, right now we have an exclusive offer!