Energy Saving Tips
October 25, 2013

Come this time of year everyone is full of advice about how to save money on your heating bills.

The minute the weather turns a bit nippy the ‘Ten ways to save cash’ newspaper headlines appear in every shop.

The trouble is what follows is usually a flimsy list of ideas, hastily cobbled together, that collectively are likely to save you little more than the price of the newspaper you read it in.

Or else they are made up of obvious the things people already do, such as making sure taps are fully turned off.

Well, Rix has been in the fuel industry for more than 80 years and over that time we have learned a thing or two by experience, not by reading it in a newspaper.

The things we advise our customers to do will save you money at this time of the year, throughout the year and for the years to come. They include:

  • If you use heating oil, buy it early. Basic economics means that as demand goes up, so does price. Buying earlier in the year, rather than leaving it to when the temperature plummets will mean you get fuel at a better price
  • Ask your electricity and/or gas supplier for a cheaper tariff. This can save you a couple of hundred pounds a year
  • Research grants that you might be eligible for. Despite thousands of people being eligible for the government’s green deal just a handful have signed up. Other grants include the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP). To find out more click here
  • Install smart meters in your home. How can get a real measure of the energy you are using without some kind of meter? You can’t. Smart meters give you real-time measurements which allow you to see what activities use the most energy and how to reduce your usage
  • Insulate your home. A favourite among the newspaper writers this one, but along with stopping drafts, it can make a real difference to how much heat your home retains. Green Deal could help you with the costs of installing insulation. It might sound like a hassle, or too expensive, but it really will help reduce your energy costs.

Take a look at our dedicated Energy Saving tips page and see how else you could save. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family too!

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