Heating Oil tank Safety check
April 04, 2017

Heating Oil users are being asked to check their tanks are in working order with no sign of leaks, rusting or bulging.  

The trade associations for oil heating (OFTEC) and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) have teamed up to launch ‘Tank Safe’ a campaign designed to raise awareness amongst households of the importance of looking after their oil tanks and offering advice on how best to manage their condition.

If you currently have an older tank, we would recommend having it checked by an OFTEC registered company and or technician. By having it checked the technician will be able to give it a thorough look over to check for any signs of rust, leaks or weak spots which can often occur in older single skinned tanks.

Older tanks are typically single skinned meaning they don’t have the added safety of a modern bunded tank.  A bunded tank can limit the amount of repairs usually found in older single skin models, help protect the environment and act as a more secure structure for keeping your oil safe from theft.

Paul Rose, CEO of OFTEC, said: “Tanks are often the forgotten part of an oil heating system but it is vitally important their condition is maintained to ensure safe oil storage. Fortunately, oil leaks are rare but the consequences of a spill can be high, causing not only inconvenience and cost to the homeowner, but a serious environmental issue. “Neglecting a tank is clearly false economy and our new ‘Tank Safe’ campaign aims to get across the importance of having a safe, secure and regularly checked tank. Tanks should be inspected by a competent person, such as an OFTEC registered technician, at least once a year or at the time of the boiler service, and we recommend that homeowners check they have adequate home insurance in place to cover the oil tank and its contents.”

Duncan Grant, President of the FPS, added: “Each year we receive some reports from our fuel distributors of tanks which have split on filling or even days later. It’s important for households to have their tanks checked by a qualified technician to ensure it is in the best condition and to be alert to potential problems before they happen. Losing a tank of oil could be expensive but this cost is minimal compared to the potential cost to clear up a spill.”

OFTEC and FPS have put together this short video featuring some great tips for checking and maintaining your heating oil tank.

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