Heating Oil being delivered to home
March 29, 2017

How many homes use Heating Oil in the UK?

Many households in the UK that don’t have mains gas use Heating Oil (1.5 Million in fact) to heat their homes; in particular, rural areas are more likely to use unmetered fuels for heating (34% of rural homes in England use heating oil, 46% in Wales and 32% in Scotland).

If you’re moving into a house that uses Oil as its main source of heat, but you have been used to home that runs on mains gas, you might find the process of heating your home with oil a little confusing for at first.

The first differences you will notice will be the constantly changing prices and the tank you will need to check regularly to make sure you don’t run out of oil. (It’s  a little bit like buying fuel for your car).

What affects the price of Heating Oil?

Oil prices are typically determined by several factors including, demand, time of year and global politics, and natural disasters but it’s worth considering that Heating Oil* is amongst the cheapest of all other heating options including mains gas, LPG, renewables or electric.

Heating Oil prices can change throughout the day, and with a lack of independent comparison websites, finding the best price can take a lot of time. Many of our customers have decided that hunting around for prices can be a laborious task, so instead use our instant Heating Oil Prices quote tool to give them an instant price coupled with our great service.

Once you have ordered your Heating Oil a few times you will begin to see price trends occurring at certain times throughout the year. Typically due to increased demand, prices go up during the winter months, then down in the warmer months when a lot of people turn their heating down or even off completely. The changing of prices can make budgeting for heating costs difficult at times, but being prepared and ordering when prices are low can take away the worry.

Checking your Heating Oil tank level?

Even though you need to remember to check your heating oil levels in your tank to ensure you don’t run out of fuel, like most things it will become a habit over time. A very simple way to check your heating oil levels is to use a dipstick.

However, if you are worried about running out of oil, there are products available that can monitor your fuels levels for you such as Rix Oil Alert System which will automatically check your oil levels in your central heating tank. When your heating oil supply begins to run low it will send a message direct to our computers at Rix which one of our friendly, dedicated Rix customer care team will automatically process your order and get it dispatched from your local depot.


If you are new to Heating Oil, you can read our helpful Q&A or call your local depot where our friendly staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

*Based on the average cost of heating a three bedroomed house in Great Britain.

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