September 05, 2018

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no getting away from the fact an Aga-style range cooker makes a country kitchen. You simply can’t get the same effect with a conventional oven.

And it’s not just the wide range of styles that makes them so popular, there’s a whole load of accessories that go with them too (check out these fantastic collections from Blake and Bull) making choosing one as much a lifestyle choice as it is a kitchen convenience.

Once converted, the majority of owners would never go back. The oil-fired range cooker simply becomes too big a part of their lives, whether that is a talking point at dinner parties, the lovely warm glow they provide when coming in on a cold night, or the different cooking styles you have to master to get the best from them.

So why the mixed reaction? Whereas they certainly have their devotees, Aga-style range cookers are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, who is right? Are they a beautiful, traditional-style kitchen accessory, or an outdated relic of a bygone era?


Are oil fired range cookers expensive?

Some people say that because they are on all the time, oil-fired cookers are expensive to run. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are several models available and the more economical ones tend not to be much more expensive than running a conventional oven. Plus, having an oil-fired range cooker means electric toasters, kettles, slow cookers, etc, become redundant, so the cost can be offset by some small savings in electricity.

Not only that, a slow cooker will last much, much longer than your average toaster or kettle, so not only do you save on electricity, you won’t have to fork out for replacement electrical items in the future.


Phew, it’s hot in here!

Another aspect which can put people off owning one of these handsome cookers is the heat they give off! In the winter time, that is fantastic, the cosiest thing you could imagine. But as we mentioned before, they are on all year round so in the height of summer, especially a summer like we’ve had this year, things can get a bit steamy!

But this isn’t the problem it used to be. There have been some technological advancements that make the summertime heat less noticeable. Modern range cookers are fitted with intelligent management systems that reduce the power to the cooker when it is not in use, saving you fuel and making sure they only cook the food, and not you!


Oil fired range cookers are an investment

On the upside, oil fired range cookers are reliable. We mean really reliable! Often, they last 50 years or more so if you decide to invest in one, chances are you’ll never have to buy another oven. Unless you’re planning on moving of course! And then there’s the cooking. Everything is slowed down, simplified and oozing with sumptuous flavour. Just load it up with all your favourite goodies and let it work its magic.

Oil fired range cookers are not for everyone but we know that most of our Aga cooker fuel customers wouldn’t swap theirs for the world. So, if you’re planning a new kitchen and want to bring a dash of rustic charm, why not give one a go? We think you’ll warm to one in no time! Find out more about heating oil.


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