Interesting Facts about Heating Oil
December 20, 2017

Rix Petroleum is an expert supplier of heating oil, providing quality heating oil to people throughout the UK at fantastic prices. We've pulled together some interesting facts about heating oil...

How many homes in the UK use Heating Oil?

There are over 20 million homes throughout Europe that use oil to heat their homes, 1.5 million of which are in the UK. At least 200,000 jobs are related to the heating oil industry with more than 80 years of proven technologies and continuing research and development.

Here are some more facts about heating oil you may not know.

Is Heating Oil the same as Kerosene?

Heating oil is often referred to as ‘kerosene’ or ‘domestic oil’ and is mainly used by those who aren’t connected to the gas grid, largely in rural areas. A home using heating oil is very similar to one connected to the mains, except for two fundamental differences; outside you will find a heating oil storage tank and fuel will be delivered to the property by road.

A common misconception of using oil to heat your home is that it is not environmentally friendly. However, did you know, heating oil has reduced sulphur content, therefore, releasing substantially fewer particles into the air? Heating oil has a similar level of CO2 emissions over its whole life cycle as gas, and the carbon monoxide emissions are 160 times lower compared to biomass heating.

How much does heating oil cost?

In October 2017 Heating Oil  was cheaper to heat a home compared to alternatives such as Gas, Electric, wood pellets and LPG according to the Sutherland tables.

See the table below provided by Sutherland, an independent and impartial information provider on domestic heating oil costs. In October 2017 they found that it would cost £894 to heat a three bedroom house with Heating Oil compared to electricity which would cost on average £1910 throughout the course of the year.

An installation of a modern oil boiler can be five times more effective than a heat pump to reduce CO2 emissions. On average, modernising an oil boiler can cost you half the price of insulating your home with the same levels of energy savings and emission reduction. There are important savings to be had too; you could save up to 30% on your household bill through a more efficient heating system that uses oil. 

Sutherland Table October 2017

If you are new to heating oil or want a more detailed guide to how it works please see our induction to heating oil here. You can also check our current domestic heating oil prices by using our instant quote tool to see how much you could be saving by going through Rix. 

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