January 10, 2018

Is your New Year’s resolution to save money in 2018? 

We know it’s not easy sticking to a new year’s resolution at the best of times but with this winter being a particularly cold one, no doubt many of us have a bigger than usual heating bill - which is not what you need straight after Christmas!

National Cut Energy Costs Day is a chance for you to review your daily routine and your home to find ways of reducing your energy usage. This isn’t just for the winter months, either, it’s your opportunity to break bad habits and reduce your energy bills all year long. It helps to reduce cost - find out more about the price of heating oil.

So what are you waiting for?

Kick off your #CutEnergyCostDay celebration by assessing your entire home, somethings maybe obvious but there are a few that may surprise you.

Firstly, check your loft is insulated, old or inefficient insulation could be costing you money. For example, if in winter your roof has large patches where the snow has melted or your home has a tendency to develop icicles, there will most likely be a leak in the insulation. It’s also worth noting that just 270mm of loft insulation has the potential to save you up to £180 a year!

You could even take it a step further and look at other areas that could be letting in cold or more accurately letting out the heat! Ask yourself, is it time to replace your windows? Although this might be an expensive action to take, you could be saving around £170 a year on energy bills by replacing your windows with B-rated double-glazing and, as an extra bonus, you would also be reducing your carbon footprint, reducing around 680kg of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Secondly, look at your appliances. Older electrical items are not as energy efficient as new. For example, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, clothes washers and other units can result in some extremely high bills. It may be worth investing in some new appliances, for instance, did you know an energy saving kettle could save you up to 31% on your electricity bill?

Thirdly, think smart. It’s so easy to turn on the heating and forget to turn it off when you leave the house or go to bed consequently heating unused space and wasting precious energy and money. Why not programme your thermostat to suit your lifestyle, think about the time you usually leave home and get back in - there’s no point setting a time if you’re not in to make the most of it! And remember, every degree counts so why not try lowering your thermostat by one degree? You could save up to 3% of your heating bill for every one degree one you go down.

If you use heating oil to heat your home it could be beneficial to get a content gauge fitted to reduce the potential cost and inconvenience of running out of oil. The in-depth data reading that a smart oil monitor provides could also allow you to alter your heating habits and save money once you’re aware of your usage. For more information about Rix Heating Oil Alert system, click here.

You may also find using premium heating oil such as K+ Premium Heating Oil beneficial. It’s a fact that using less fuel will cut your energy costs significantly. Using premium oil will help keep your boiler clean enabling it to burn at its optimum level, so less fuel is used to generate heat, not to mention the additional benefits it could have on your system’s lifespan. Our K+ Premium Heating Oil has corrosion inhibition properties meaning the chances of needing to replace your fuel tank or fuel pumps etc. will also be reduced.

For a more detailed step by step guide on energy saving tips visit our resource centre’s tips and advice page.

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