September 13, 2017

A day in the life of a Rix Petroleum tanker driver

I’m Will writing this blog in the day of a tanker driver. I am currently on my one year placement at J R Rix & Sons, and part of working through the various departments and companies under J R Rix, I spent some time at the depot completing my ADR and HGV license class 2, allowing me to drive for the company and deliver fuel. Here’s a day in the life of….

Dark or light, winter, autumn, summer or spring the Rix Petroleum drivers for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire meet at fountain road depot for 6:30 am. The first thing I would do would be to go straight to the hot water and pour myself a morning coffee to start my day off. Whilst sipping my coffee I would then take a look at my tickets attached to my clipboard and start to route out where I would be going and in what order I would be delivering, as well as looking out for any certain delivery instructions upon the ticket, such as the where the tank is located or to fill certain tanks and put the balance elsewhere.

Next, I would get my keys, head over to the tanker I have been assigned to for the day and begin to start one of the most important parts of the days work, the morning checks. I would have my morning defect list to tick off everything on/in the wagon was in working order and most importantly in a safe roadworthy manner, even the little things such as number plate spotlights to be working are important to be up to Rix’s high standard, taking pride in their fleet of tankers.

After the checks have been made and the tanker is proven to be in a safe workable condition, I would jump inside and drive round to pick up a suitable position underneath the gantries to load the tanker up with various grades of fuel depending on what work has been assigned. I'd pull up to the gantry, knock the master switch off, hook up the skully and vaporizer to earth the wagon, enabling a green light in order to load. I’d then attach the correct fuel lines to the open pots accordingly, and let the loading commence out of our very own tanks. After this process was done I would pull up to the fuel pump, bunker up to enable enough fuel supply for the day, enter my load into the computer then head out for my day's deliveries of heating oil, gas oil and alike.

The range of deliveries I get in a days work range from delivering red diesel (Gas oil) to building sites in the centre of city’s, to driving around some of Yorkshires most beautiful scenery to deliver 500 litres of heating oil to a cottage in Levisham.

Working at Rix petroleum allows you to travel somewhere different each day meeting all sorts of different customers. At the process of the delivery, I'd pull up in a safe position for the tanker, drag out my hose, hook up to the tank and start delivering the required amount, monitoring the tank level whilst doing so. It would come to a time of the day usually around 12:30 pm where I would have to stop for my 45 minute break for legal requirements; I would pull up in a lay bay or somewhere suitable, Put the tachograph card into rest, and then have my lunch. After this I would be then carry on working, finishing my remaining tickets for the day.

After finishing all my deliveries assuming the tanks are empty, I'd lift the rear axle of the tanker up and head back to the depot. Arriving at the depot id then drive onto the wash, give the lorry a wash down ready for a day of work the next day, I’d then park the wagon up take my belongings out, eject my drivers card, lock the lorry up, and give one final walk around check for any possible reportable faults that have potentially happened on the days work. After finishing this all, id then pack my stuff up and head for home, getting the correct amount of rest hours needed for the next days work!




Rix Petroleum is a leading heating oil supplier in the UK. For more information about heating oil, prices or services, just get in touch.

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