By Halliwell, Cat

Rix Petroleum will help to keep your farm running smoothly this coming season

Whether it’s Gas Oil, AdBlue or Lubricants, Rix Petroleum’s specialist agricultural fuel team has extensive product and industry knowledge, with many of them coming from farming or engineering backgrounds.

Here’s our guide to some of the agricultural farm fuels, lubricants and additives that we have been supplying to farmers and farming groups throughout the UK for over 80 years.


Ideal for use within Agricultural diesel engines. AdBlue is a pure urea solution that is defined by the ISO 222 41 standard and is specifically designed for use with SCR technology for diesel engines to help eliminate the harmful emissions released by heavy vehicles used daily on the roads.

Gas Oil

Gas Oil is also referred to as red diesel. This is because Gas Oil has a lower duty, and a red dye is added to Gas Oil so that it can be detected in vehicles that shouldn’t be running on it (e.g. road cars). Red diesel is commonly used by farmers for use in farm machinery, such as tractors.

Super Heat 35

Super Heat 35 from Rix is a cost effective alternative to ULSGO for heating applications such as boilers, dryers and heaters, commonly used in the agricultural market.


Our range of quality lubricants from some of the worlds leading manufacturers such as Q8 oils, Total and EXOL will ensure your agriculture machinery is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Find out about our range of agricultural products here.

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