February 04, 2016

If you live in the UK, you’ll probably be used to wrapping up warm and braving the winter freeze, but it looks like some of us have escaped the extreme low temperatures this year, with very little sign of a snowflake or an icy morning.

Unfortunately this didn’t stop the storms, and the weather in early January 2016 was another matter completely. Storms Desmond and Eva flooded more than 16000 homes throughout the UK and even destroyed bridges, rail tracks and historical roads.

Taking into consideration the milder than average temperatures we have been used to, it’s hard to believe that the coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK was -27.2°c. This temperature has been documented on 3 separate dates in 2 different locations, Braemar, Aberdeenshire (11 February 1895 and 10 January 1982) and Altnaharra, a small hamlet in Sutherland on the 30th December 1995.

If we are unlucky enough to see the temperatures plummet to minus figures later this winter, you’ll need to consider the effect it could have on your Heating Oil. If your tank is stored outside, an anti-wax additive can be used to improve the cold flow and handling performance of your fuel. When operating at lower temperatures, wax crystals can form in the tank, blocking the filter and eventually reaching the “Cold Filter Plugging Point” which could stop the flow of the fuel. Rix Anti-Wax inhibits the formation of these crystals and prevents wax blockages so that the fuel can operate in lower temperatures.

For more details on Rix’s additives, please follow this link.

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