August 14, 2015

At Rix we’re all a bit proud of ourselves. I know, I know, that’s not a very English thing to say but we are. It’s because quite a few of us have been keeping those long-ago made New Year’s resolutions and have been getting fit this year. We’ve been running, cycling and walking and shedding a few unwanted pounds into the process.

But this isn’t really the reason we’re giving ourselves a (small) pat on the back. No, that’s because we’ve been putting our new found fitness to good use. For more than a year now we have been supporting Macmillan Cancer Support in our home region of Yorkshire and Humber. The charity does invaluable work with those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer, and not just for sufferers themselves but for that families too, who often have no idea who to turn to for support.

With one in three of us likely to be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes, Macmillan Cancer Support’s work has never been more important. It is for this reason we decided to support the charity, knowing demand for their services will only increase. And of course, in line with that, their need for funding goes up as well.

So I’m delighted to report that so far this year we have raised more than £3,200 for the charity. £2,900 was raised by a team of runners who entered the Hull 10K in June and we raised a further £300 at Driffield Show in July. This was achieved by Rix staff who cycled the equivalent distance of our Hull depot to Driffield showground and back on an exercise bike. It was a very warm day, but everyone who took part made a tremendous effort and passers-by showed their appreciated with donations.

But there is more of 2015 to go and we haven’t finished yet. Our new found fitness means we’re in good shape to raise more money and hopefully, by doing just that, we’ll be able to give ourselves another little pat on the back come Christmas.

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