June 05, 2015

Here at Rix Petroleum we love animals. After all, our pedigree is built on serving the Great British farming community whose passion for livestock, working dogs and horses not only runs deep but is infectious.

But sometimes we like to mix things up a bit, go a bit left field, or at least leave the field in search of a more exotic species. That’s why ever since establishing our depot in Coleshill, West Midlands, we’ve sponsored a marmoset at Twycross Zoo, a tiny female called Holly.

Over the years Holly has pulled in the visitors with her cheeky smile and human-Iike antics. She has delighting young and old alike as she climbed around her enclosure swinging from branch to branch.

But sadly, earlier this year, the curtain came down on poor old Holly’s career. She entertained her final crowd and passed away, peacefully, from old age.

We were all terribly sad to hear the news but decided we couldn’t leave it there. Over the past six years our relationship with Twycross Zoo has grown stronger and we wanted to continue our support of the animals.

So now, in Holly’s memory, we are sponsoring another animal at the zoo, and this time we have gone from one extreme to the other. Whereas marmosets are one of the smallest species of primates in existence, now we are sponsoring a chimpanzee which is one of the largest.

We’re delighted to be continuing our relationship with Twycross and to be supporting our new-found friend. We hope he’ll have many a happy year aping around at the zoo but that he doesn’t get up to too much monkey business. After all he’s got a hard act to follow when it comes to entertaining the visitors. RIP Holly, you’ll be missed.

To find out more about Tycross Zoo, click here.

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