March 09, 2015

Here at Rix, we’re proud to work with small rural businesses, farmers and landowners across the UK. We try to offer a personal service, with customer care at the forefront of our ethos, which means nothing riles us up as much as when we hear our community is taken advantage of.

A few weeks ago, a spate of quad bike thefts hit in North Yorkshire. Police have warned of the temptation that farm machinery presents to opportunist thieves, and encourage rural residents to take action to avoid becoming a victim.

Sergeant Chris Jones, of Selby Police, said: "North Yorkshire is a very safe place, but unfortunately quad bikes, plant and other farm machinery are attractive targets for travelling criminals.

"While I don't want rural residents to be unnecessarily concerned, I do want them to take basic crime prevention measures to keep their valuable property safe."

In the seclusion of the countryside thieves can be lurking in wait. Machinery and farm tools are high value and easily sold on. Quad bikes are particularly tempting because many are left unregistered, which makes them nigh impossible to identify after being stolen.

One way to prevent this is to mark your items so police can identify them, and the police will often help you do this, by marking and logging them on your behalf. Speak to your local force for more information.

And make things as difficult as possible for thieves by never leaving quad bikes unattended while out using them, and ensure all sheds and outhouse have good quality locks. CCTV and bright lighting is an excellent deterrent and report any suspicious people or vehicles loitering around isolated areas to 101.

As ever, it is imperative we all remain vigilant with Heating oil theft. If you haven’t already done so, consider installing a shackle lock and a remote oil level gauge to warn of sudden dips.

Unfortunately it will never be possible to stop all thefts, but it is possible to make their job as hard as we possibly can by following a few, simple rules.

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