February 19, 2015

On a very wet, grey and cold February morning, armed with a camera, I followed Steven, one of our delivery drivers up in to North Yorkshire to see him go about his job of delivering fuel and heating oil to the homes and businesses of Yorkshire.

After a 70 mile journey, I caught up with Steven, in the area of Malton in North Yorkshire. 

Of all the days to choose to go out, I don't think I could have picked a more dull and wet one. Yet North Yorkshire still looked at beautiful as when the sun is shining.

Most of my day is usually spent in the office, so it was a nice opportunity to see the area we deliver to and to speak with the customers.

Delivering heating oil and fuel is something Rix Petroleum has done for more than 80 years in Yorkshire, and it’s great a great achievement to still be an independent, family owned supplier. Below are a few photo’s I took whilst on my travels.

Rix Petroleum Heating Oil delivery

Rix Petroleum filling up heating oil tank
















Rix Petroleum heating oil tanker

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