September 25, 2014

So, according to a new poll people living in London sleep better than those of us who live in the countryside.

I can’t see it myself, with all those sirens, neon lights and night time revellers, but that is the results of a survey as published in the Daily Mail.

Apparently most people living in the smoke ‘sleep through’ each night, not waking from when their head hits the pillow to when their alarm clock sounds next morning.

Country dwellers by contrast rarely get that privilege as an array noises from crowing cockerels to tractors chugging down narrow country lanes to the noisy dawn chorus leave us in a constant state of sleep deprivation.

But I’m not sure I believe it. Whenever I go to London and see the mishmash of faces crammed into the tube they don’t look like they’ve had a good night’s sleep to me.

And when I return home to the village I live in, most people look rosy-cheeked and full of life.

Maybe it’s just that us country folk get by on less sleep any our city cousins because the fresher air we breathe recharges our batteries better. Who knows?

But one thing I do know is that sleep or no sleep, I would rather live in the countryside than spend my life dodging the traffic or squashed on to the Underground in the smoke.

Just the thought is enough to give me nightmares … if only I could nod off first!

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