September 18, 2014

We’ve been telling our customers to stock up early on heating oil for years. It makes perfect sense for everyone. Not only do heating oil customers traditionally get better prices, delivery times are also reduced as the bad weather normally hasn’t hit so demand is much lower. It also relieves the pressure on our fleet of delivery vehicles, which makes planning much easier.

It is good to see that no less than the UK’s Energy Minister himself, Matt Hancock has gone on the record to support this idea, to encourage people to stock up on heating oil before the winter weather arrives. Around about now in fact.

The Buy Oil Early campaign has been launched by ACRE, Citizens Advice and FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers), as a way of highlight how early orders can save money.

Rix Petroleum delivering heating oil in winter

“The nights are drawing in and winter is just around the corner,” Mr Hancock reminds us, “so we are encouraging people to stock up on oil sooner not later.

“It’s better to order early when demand is low and prices are low and to make sure no household is caught out, especially in remote and rural areas, where roads can be disrupted and delivery times only increase as the weather gets worse.”

It is a laudable statement he makes, and one we are glad to see. Buy early, it makes sense. We’ve said all along and now the Government is saying it. Welcome aboard Mr Hancock.

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To read the full statment from the Energy Minister, you can visit the Goverment's website here:


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