August 08, 2014

The countryside is a perilous place to be if you believe dear old Auntie.

While browsing the interweb the other day, I came across this fascinating article about all the things that could knobble you should you dare to spend time there.

By the tone of the piece you’d expect the British countryside to be empty given the amount of nasties wandering around – from cows to deer, adders to false widow spiders.

If the author lived in Australia one can only imagine he would never leave the house. Our cousins down under are over-stocked with animals just waiting for a chance to do you a bit of no good, more than anywhere else in the world in fact.

Thankfully country folk in the UK are made of stern stuff too and even without the advice of the BBC, we’ve managed to survive for generations without being trampled or bitten out of existence.

Of course, I’m not wishing to make light of any incidents in which people have been injured in the countryside, which can happen to any of us.

But armed with the knowledge that all animals, wild, farmed or domestic can act unpredictably at times, plus a modicum of common sense, the British countryside is a place that we can all enjoy, so don’t let the media put you off – get out there this summer and enjoy everything it has to offer.


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