June 10, 2014

When I was a lad, oh so many moons ago, sighting the luminous glint of a dragonfly on a country walk, no matter how brief, was always a treat.

These mystical creatures, these peacocks of the insect world, were the highest confirmation that the long days of summer stretched out before us bringing all the promise of hot weather and glorious sunshine.

Often, however, both failed to materialise.

But even so, in those days, while seeing a dragonfly was certainly a treat, it was not uncommon. There was no shortage of these colourful, prehistoric-looking insects to light up the British countryside.

As I grew older though, I noticed them less and less, a fact punctuated on the occasion I did see one because it because it only served to remind me they existed.

So it is with glee that I read that the dragonfly is once again on the increase. According to a report, they are enjoying a resurgence due to the warm weather and efforts on the part of conservationists.

A five-year study has found that seven new species have migrated to Britain from the continent over the past 20 years.

And one species, the dainty damselfly, has been spotted again in the country again after an absence of 57 years.

But it is not just from newspaper reports that the evidence of this resurgence comes. While out and about in the last couple of years I have definitely seen more of them, which is a source of great joy.

These iridescent creatures that were once such a part of the countryside are returning to brighten up the countryside and our lives as well. Amid housing shortages, cuts in services and the cost of living, it’s great to hear a good news story buzzing about Britain’s countryside.

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