May 10, 2013

Most of us enjoy a bit of a ramble from time to time, some more than others. Whether your taste extends to sauntering through the bluebells or traipsing across fells in some of the UK’s furthest flung regions, a good walk in the countryside can do wonders for body and soul.

But if you go down to the woods today near Ongar, Essex, you’ll be sure of a big surprise, and we’re not talking about a teddy bear’s picnic. No, according to the Essex Chronicle, ramblers in that particularly part of the county have decided to bare all and start up a whole new walking craze ... naked rambling.

The news appears to have divided the local populous. Those who support it maintain there’s nothing wrong in popping out for a brisk jaunt around the local fields and woods as nature intended.

Others think it is inappropriate, particularly when out with their children.

So will it catch on, that’s what we want to know. Rix Petroleum has depots from Aberdeen down to the West Midlands and as yet none of our depot managers have spotted hoards of locals carrying maps and compasses but with no pockets in which to store them.

Nor have any local farmers who buy our diesel been discovered au naturel behind the wheel of their tractors, thank God!

Besides, it could be a bit nippy, certainly around our more northern depots, to stride out without your strides.

As for us we’re not keen. It’s not the bearing all that bothers us, although it might not be the prettiest sight in the countryside, it’s more that every good walk should end at a pub. And if you’ve come out without your clothes you’re going to have terrible problems finding a place to put your change now aren’t you?!

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