April 30, 2014

Sometimes it seems as if the old country ways are dying out and with them will go an important part of British culture.

As people increasingly carve careers in towns and cities, those ancient skills that have sustained rural communities for generations seem increasingly at odds with the modern world and face a slow decline into inevitable extinction.

So with that in mind, we are delighted to see a free school in Devon that is offering young people skills designed to ‘thrive in the countryside’.

According to a report in the Western Morning News, Route 39 Academy – Devon’s first free school – is joining forces with Duchy College in Cornwell to offer courses in food production, conservation, forestry and horticulture, alongside more tradition subjects such as maths and science.

The courses are being developed on the belief that providing young people with the skills and qualifications to work in the countryside is the key to rural regeneration. Hopefully, it will help make rural communities more vibrant and viable and bring some much needed young blood back into the countryside.

As a company Rix Petroleum has been privileged enough to work with and support rural communities for well over 100 years and we do our bit for the next generations by supporting Young Farmer groups in and around our depots, such as in Yorkshire and Warwickshire.

Rix Petrleum sponsoring Bridlington Young Farmers Club

We think this initiative is fantastic, a real step in the right direction for rural Britain and the young people who would like to find work in the countryside but are not sure where to start.

As far as we can see, the only trouble is it is not on the national curriculum. After all, what better way to inspire a lifelong love of the countryside than to involve people when they are young?

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