December 16, 2014

We happened to come across this Daily Mail article that provides a dog IQ test. So here is the most important question of all: Do you have a genius hound or dumb-but-loveable pooch?

We all think the world of our four-legged-friends. Even when they bark at 5am, signalling that it’s only a couple hours away from their morning walk, and especially when they curl up on our laps with big innocent eyes, only to leave half of their fur coats behind on our new black trousers. But have you ever wondered just how smart they are?

The fact we live amongst dogs for the blind, police dogs, hearing dogs, even cancer and diabetes detection dogs, show how amazing canines can be. Dogs are more than intelligent, but prove great loyalty too – such as the recent news of one loving pet who took a bullet for his family.

You can train them to be an alarm clock – though I can’t say if they are attuned to daylight savings. Ever wondered why they know exactly when breakfast is served or stand by their leads expectantly in the evening? Dogs can learn more than tricks, they learn time. This is more than Pavlovian discipline, a dog can be conditioned to remind its owner of medication. It takes only a simple dedication of calling a dog to your medication cabinet and giving it a treat at the time you need to take daily medicine. Once learnt, the dog will repeat daily (just don’t forget to praise them!).

But showing they can learn doesn’t demonstrate intelligence. Is there more thought behind those shiny eyes other than just when will dinner be served?

The IQ test in the article includes questions for you to answer on the daily behaviour of your dog, but also some fun activities, including how long does it take to get a treat out from under a cup? From less than 10 seconds to ‘what cup?’

We would love to know how clever our customers’ pets are. Have a go with the IQ test and share your results in the comments below!

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