December 09, 2014

“Wrap up well,” we remind ourselves every time we open the door. With Jack Frost nipping away at your nose still, it’s not likely you will forget. However from experience we know people forget to order their heating oil, so forgetting your gloves and scarf is real possibility!

Unfortunately, ‘duvet’ is not suitable work attire, nor are cumbersome coats practical when your other half thinks a frosty walk outside is “a great idea” to work off those mince pies.

But what actually constitutes as ‘wrapping up well’?

Some will grab for their giant knitted jumper, the one that adds at least two dress sizes to your body and boasts of merriment.

Yet when they finally reach optimum temperature in the office or halfway around the walk, they will be sweltering, the sweat pouring forth like a tsunami of discomfort. Once the hulking jumper is removed, you will be freezing again, trying to pull the damp woollen thing back over your head in double time. The perfect recipe to catch a cold.

So if not an overbearing jumper, then what?

It has generally been agreed by travellers and outdoor-enthusiasts that the ‘3-layer’ approach is the most sensible for all occasions.

Start with a moisture wicking base layer. This will be a fabric that can wick away sweat to remain dry against your skin. Do not use cotton, it is not good at insulation and will retain moisture – synthetic fibres are best.

The amount of mid-layers you wear completely depend on your conditions and personal preference. Very thin people may wear multiple layers as the cold reaches their bones quickly, or if you normally have a warm core body temperature or are spending most of the day inside, just the one will probably be enough.

Again, avoid cotton. Polyester or mid-weight fleeces are best.

The final outer layer needs more thought. You need a jacket that will be waterproof, warm but also something you like the look of. This is the only layer where style needs play a part.

Usually, it is better to choose a thick fabric or padded jacket as the third layer. This will give you the ultimate protection from piercing winds as well as maintaining a decent body temperature if you are stationary.

To all our customers this icy winter; wrap up well and keep warm inside and outside of your home!

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