October 22, 2014

Families in the UK could reduce energy bills by following new guidance from Public Health England on recommended heating levels.

Last winter, it said rooms occupied during the day should be kept at a minimum of 21C, and 18C at night.

But now it has altered its view to a new recommendation of at least 18C day or night.

Industry experts have suggested that a reduction of just one degree could cut the typical heating bill by as much as 10%.

Public Health England found that the previous guidelines were based on outdated World Health Organisation figures from 30 years ago.

A fresh review has resulted in the lower recommendation of at least 18C, which it says poses minimal risk to the health of a sedentary person, wearing suitable clothing in winter. Below that level, the danger of an indivdual having a stroke or heart attack begins to increase.

However, the government body adds that those aged over 65 and those with medical conditions may benefit from a slightly higher temperature.

Charity Age UK also recommends that a living room should be kept at 21C, with a bedroom kept at 18C. 

You can read the full guidance document prepared by the goverment by clicking here.

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