February 03, 2014

You know the old arguments every time snow stops traffic and travel in this country – it was a freak occurrence, the worst since records began, leaves were on the track, it was the wrong kind of snow. We’ve heard them all a thousand times.

And every time they get rolled out we are always left with the same questions – why didn’t the powers that be learn from previous experience? Why do we always get the same old excuses?

Well despite the fact we think Britain is the worst country in the world for dealing with snow, recent scenes from Atlanta suggest we’re not as bad as all that.

News footage from the Georgia city shows just a few centimetres have caused outright panic as local people abandon their cars by the roadside.

What is ironic, however, is many of those vehicles are gas-guzzling SUVs, precisely the types you would expect to cope with such conditions easily.

OK, perhaps we should cut our cousins across the pond some slack – Georgia and the other southern states are not used to snowy conditions and probably don’t have all the infrastructure in place to deal with a big freeze.

But then, barely three inches of snow fell and most of the roads look clear except for a smattering around the edges, so it is hardly the kind of weather which should stop traffic.

So when all’s said and done, although we should have some sympathy with the inhabitants of Atlanta, it is also comforting to know Britain is not the worst in the world when it comes to dealing with the weather.

That title has a new holder now – Atlanta, Georgia. Please step forward and receive your crown!

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