January 17, 2014

When America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold. So goes the old saying. I suspect there has been a lot of sneezing across the pond recently as Americans face some of the coldest temperatures in living memory.

Even parts of the usually mild south have experienced temperatures as low as minus 17 – shattering all previous records – and Minnesota was named the nation’s coldest place, down to a glacial minus 37, lower than temperatures recently recorded on Mars.

And then there’s the wind chill fact. The polar vortex – a counter-clockwise-rotating pool of cold, dense air from the North Pole which is causing the atrocious weather – is making some parts of the country feel below minus 50. It’s enough to make you want to hibernate.

But how about jolly old Blighty? Will America’s bitter virus drift eastwards and infect us with similar ferocity? Flooding aside we have had a fairly tame winter to date, with few frosty mornings and little snow to speak of; a far cry from last year’s Arctic conditions.

And with Christmas and New Year over that’s the way most of us would like it to stay. Whereas snow in the run up to Christmas can be festive and beautiful, in January it is a chore, a bitter reminder that the summer is still a long way off.

But we are not out of the icy water just yet. The long term weather forecast predicts plummeting temperatures before the end of the month, accompanied by wintery conditions. Although there’s no suggestion it will be anything like what the US has experienced, fires will be lit and temperature dials turned up.

And as ever, we will be on hand to deliver heating oil to you as and when you need it. Our drivers have fought the worst of the UK weather and succeeded where others have failed, so when America’s sneeze hits our shorelines we’ll just offer a polite ‘bless you’ and carry on.

If Britain catches America’s chill, then remember, Rix Petroleum and our army of heating oil delivery vehicles is the remedy

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