September 24, 2013

And so it has returned, after being off our screens for what feels like eons, the first episode in the fourth series of Downton Abbey finally aired on Sunday night.

Of course it is full of the usual characters that have made it such compelling viewing in recent years – Lord Grantham, Lady Mary, the Irish chap whose name eludes me and of course, the assemble of butlers, valets, cooks and maids that make up the lower quarters of the house.

It is essential Sunday night viewing, if only to take away that back-to-work-in-the-morning feeling that always rounds off the weekend, and because otherwise you might resort to watching X-Factor which is the start of a long and slippery slope.

And as the days get shorter in the slow run up to Christmas, it will undoubtedly be the topic of office conversations the length and breadth of the country as people debate who will be the best suitor for Lady Mary and which character will be next to die (apparently William Hill currently has Bates at 3-1).

Of course, here at Rix we love it too and Monday morning chatter will probably revolve around little else. But we have a slightly different take on it to most.

You see, being in the business so to speak, the first thing that comes to our minds when watching Downton is not ‘what a fabulous house’ but ‘I wonder how much heating oil it would take to run that bad boy?!’.

Even at our prices, I wouldn’t fancy Lord Grantham’s fuel bill. Shame as it is, it’s no wonder a lot of these old places went to wrack and ruin!

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