July 10, 2013

When it comes to protecting the future of our planet, each country has its part to play in reducing the word’s carbon footprint. But according to recent research, some cities may be working a little harder than others when it comes to global energy efficiency.

A recent report by the London-based Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which works with ‘thousands of companies to tackle climate change’, revealed that Los Angeles is currently in pole position when it comes to improving energy efficiency.

Thanks in large part to the retro-fitting of street lights and traffic signals, LA managed to clock up annual energy savings of $13 million. Washington and Las Vegas followed LA’s lead with annual energy savings of $6.3 million.

“Cities are hotbeds of innovation, and local governments have been quick to implement many new ways to combat and adapt to climate change and resource scarcity," said Conor Riffle, head of CDP's cities programme.

"These leading cities are enjoying multiple paybacks for their economies and communities. National governments should pay close attention."

The study also revealed that North American cities produced the largest proportion of their GDP from C02 emissions ($5,550 per metric tonne of CO2). Figures which correlate with their increasing drive towards energy efficiency.

This figure was lower than in South American cities producing ($6,816), East Asian cities ($5,831) and the European cities included in the survey ($12,502).

The report also revealed that more than half (55%) of the cities included in the survey were carrying out initiatives designed to reduce C02 emissions that also promote cycling and walking.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "Saving energy and using our resources more efficiently is absolutely vital to the sustainability, diversity and full recovery of this city's economy.”

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