June 24, 2013

Those homeowners or renters who are new the world of home heating oil will need to consider a number of factors when making their first purchase. Here are just a few.

Finding a heating oil supplier

The first place to turn to when looking for a heating oil supplier is recommendations from friends and family, or the local community if you have moved to a new area, as they will personally have tried and tested the service on offer from the supplier and will give you honest feedback.

You may also want to look for online reviews of the suppliers services, or ask the company if they have any testimonials from satisfied customers that you can review.

It will also be helpful to establish which heating oil firms have depots closest to your home, so that you can ensure that your heating oil is delivered in the quickest possible time.

Heating oil costs

Heating oil prices will be quoted with or without VAT, so it is important to bear this in mind when budgeting your heating oil costs. The VAT rate for home heating oil is 5%.

The cost of your home heating oil can be paid in full when you make your order, normally a minimum of 500 litres, or your supplier may offer a number of options to help you spread the cost of payments.

However, it is important to establish what interest and administration charges are connected to these credit schemes. It is also crucial to be aware that the cost of these payments will rise, if the price of oil increases.

Buying a boiler

Sales of oil-fired boilers leapt by 22% in the first quarter of the year, compared to the last quarter of 2012,  showing the continued popularity of home heating oil. When choosing an oil boiler it is important to note that all new boilers need to be condensing oil boilers, and that they should be installed by an OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) registered technician.

Installers that are members of OFTEC may offer a workmanship warranty, which according to OFTEC covers the ‘cost of rectifying any contravention of Building Regulations directly attributable to the installation lasting for six years should the original installer not be around to rectify any defects’.

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