May 30, 2013

With four million UK households (15%) off the mains gas grid, domestic heating oil is used by scores of people across the UK, and can provide an efficient and competitively priced energy source depending on the rates and type of oil product offered by individual heating oil suppliers.

Here are some of the most common uses for domestic heating oil:

Oil central heating

Households who are not connected to the national gas grid, such as those that are located in remote rural areas, may use an oil-fired boiler to provide heating and hot water to their home.

These boilers are powered by domestic heating oil, which is delivered and piped to a tank located on the property, which can be rented from a supplier or purchased outright.

As domestic heating oil is delivered to your home rather than feeding in to a mains gas supply, it is crucial that you have enough home heating oil on hand to tide you over until your next delivery.

However, as many suppliers require you to purchase home heating oil in large volumes, this may not present too much of a problem.


Those consumers living in rural properties, or who have installed a country-style kitchen in their homes may have an Aga in place of, or in addition to, a conventional oven in their home. Domestic heating oil is used to power oil-fried Agas, with thermostats on modern-day Agas ensuring that oil is wasted unnecessarily, such as reducing the burner from high to low fire during the night.

The heat generated by an Aga can also contribute to the overall heat in your home, and some Aga models even help to generate domestic hot water.

With1.5 million people in the UK turning to domestic heating oil to heat their homes, using heating oil in your home offers a number of advantages including providing up to 97% efficiency and utilising less electricity.

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