May 28, 2013

As a family company ourselves, with almost 140 years of heritage, we understand the importance of fostering the up and coming generation.

After all, J.R. Rix & Sons Ltd is now in its fifth generation of family ownership, so it is something we have a lot of experience of as we’ve worked to ensure the business prospers down the years.

And throughout that time one of our most enduring relationships has been with the farmers and agricultural communities we serve with commercial diesel to run their businesses and residential heating oil to keep their houses warm.

These are people whose triumphs and woes we have been lucky enough to share as they rely on us to be there when they need us most, come wind, rain, snow or shine.

It is for these reasons J.R. Rix & Sons has decided to give those communities a share in some of the success they have helped us achieve.

We’ve done this by partnered with Young Farmers’ groups in our native East Yorkshire and in Warwickshire to work with members and help them develop modern business skills such as digital marketing, social media use and event management; things not normally associated with agriculture.

And we are looking for more groups to work with around our depots located in Scotland, North East England, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Shropshire and the Warwickshire.

It is our commitment to helping the next generation sustain an agricultural industry Britain can be proud of, preserving their heritage and adding a few new skills into the mix.

If any Young Farmers groups want to get involved then please get in touch.

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