May 10, 2013

If there is one thing that divides people living in the countryside more than any other it is the emotive subject of planning and development.

Nowhere has this been demonstrated more starkly than in a poll by The Independent which found that 48 per cent of people disagree with the statement the “Government is right to change the planning rules to allow more homes to be built in the countryside to try to boost economic growth”, while 45 per cent agree with it.

The level of support for building new homes in the countryside differs depending on age, sex, and geographical location of the respondent, with men, younger people and northerners more likely to desire it. Older people, women and those in the Midlands and south west are less keen.

Like many complicated issues we face every day, there is no one right answer and most people’s opinions are valid. And let’s be honest, few of us are keen on new developments on our own doorstep however much we might believe they benefit society.

Here at Rix Petroleum we come into contact with country people of all walks of life every day, from farmers whose families have worked the same land for generations to those sick of the rat race who are trying out their hand at the good life. And their opinions on this and a wide range of other issues are as varied as any other community in the UK.

In the end the important thing is to keep talking and working together because one thing we can all agree on is that we want to see an economically healthy, viable and sustainable countryside. Getting planning and development right is essential to achieving that for generations to come.

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