May 15, 2013

With almost a third of the population (31%) ranking rising energy bills as one of their top two concerns, according to the Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions, consumers will increasingly be looking for ways to bring their energy costs down in an effort to balance the books.

Here are just a few simple ways that households can save on their heating bills this summer.

1. Install an energy-efficient boiler

An energy-efficient oil boiler could be the ideal way to ensure that you do not end up paying heating oil prices that stretch beyond your budget. The additional incentive for taking this measure is that it will also save energy in the long term, offering a dual purpose appeal that more and more people are starting to consider.

2. Turn off your heating

If the UK happens to be blessed with a hot summer this year, then it is important to ensure we adjust our central heating timer accordingly. While it may have been necessary to have the heater come on both in the morning and at night previously, to ensure that your family stayed warm and toasty throughout the winter, if the thermometer reading pushes into double figures you may be able to turn off your heating altogether.

3. Monitor your use of air conditioning

While it may be tempting to put the air conditioning on full blast the moment the first rays of summer sunshine start peering out from behind the clouds, it’s important to monitor your air conditioning in the same way that you do your heating during the colder months. This will help to ensure that you don’t end up getting hit with a large summer electricity bill that you may not have budgeted for.

Throw open the windows in your home, get out the paddling pool and do anything you can to cool down, without sending your energy costs shooting up.

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