February 18, 2013

National Energy Action (NEA) has launched the Warm Homes Campaign for 2013 and along with it, is urging the Government to invest more in the fight to help reduce fuel poverty. It comes after recent research carried out by the NEA and Energy Action Scotland (EAS) revealed huge shortfalls in Government funding for insulation schemes in low income homes.

The research shows that key energy efficiency programmes will leave thousands of homes in badly insulated properties over the next few years. Initial plans from the Government were to eradicate fuel poverty from homes using gas, heating oil and electricity, in England by 2016 but the recent evidence suggests otherwise and if anything households are going to be worse off.

Th arm Homes Campaign comes just in time of these findings with its aim being to increase awareness about how many homes are going without heat during the winter months, the costs of heating oil and other fuel, and to advise those who are struggling on the possible solutions available to help them. e W

NEA believes that insufficient investment in warmth will not only cause an increase in fuel poverty but also an increase in health costs both locally and nationally and higher fuel debts across the country. They hope that by upgrading homes that in need the lives of many can be greatly improved giving them the warm, comfortable environment they should be living in.

Norman Kerr, Director of EAS speaking about the campaign said, “We know that without radical change the most severe impacts of the cold will continue to be felt by many of the poorest and most vulnerable households and communities. We hope to demonstrate the major positive outcomes that would result from ambitious and adequately resourced action on cold homes”.

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