November 12, 2013

At Rix we're encouraging Homeowners who use domestic heating oil to order their winter fuel as early as possible to avoid the Christmas rush.

By leaving ordering your heating oil late in the run up to Christmas householders risk waiting longer for their fuel and paying higher prices by ordering too close to the festive season.

Traditional buying patterns reveal heating oil is at the bottom of the Christmas shopping list, with many people leaving it to the last minute to buy.

This can put suppliers under excessive pressure,  particularly if the weather is bad, and can leave consumers facing higher bills and longer waiting times for their fuel.

Rix Petroleum tanker delivering heating oilDuncan Lambert, one of our longest serving members of staff commented: “Heating oil is one of those products people don’t think about until they need it and particularly in the run up to Christmas, when there is a hundred and one other things to do and buy, it is no surprise it comes bottom of most people’s lists.

“But as we get closer to the festive celebrations and they realise they need to top up, people become concerned suppliers like Rix close down for the holiday and so start panic buying. Everyone orders at once.

“This can play havoc with deliveries, but worse than that, as demand suddenly shoots up the price increases too, and if the weather is bad deliveries can take longer. So by waiting to the last minute, the consumer can actually miss out themselves.”

Rix suggest people keep a close eye on their heating oil levels and if at all possible avoid ordering in the week running up to Christmas.

The majority of Rix depots only close for Christmas Day and Boxing Day so people are able to buy heating oil throughout the festive period, meaning there is no need to panic buy.

“As well as manning our depots during the vast majority of the festive season we will have a stockpile of 25 litre drums available for collection should anyone need last minute emergency supplies,” he said.

“But with a little bit of planning that shouldn’t happen and hopefully everyone will enjoy a warm and cosy festive season with plenty of fuel.”

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