October 29, 2013

Yorkshire folks suffer the indignity of many stereotypes. We’re tight, apparently, and always keep a close eye on our brass. We like whippets and flat caps and we put the letter ‘T’ before practically every word we utter.

Women drink bitter and we’re deeply suspicious of outsiders.

These accusations are rot. Well except the last two, of course. But they are flung at us mainly by southerners and Lancastrians jealous of the hallowed ground our sacred county occupies, and how insignificant by comparison theirs are.

You see, for years here in Yorkshire we’ve been in possession of an overriding truth which has taken the rest of the world a little time to catch up with. Yorkshire is the greatest place in England and one of the greatest places on God’s green earth.

But now it is not just us who says this, the Lonely Planet – that world-renown resource for jet-setting globe trotters everywhere – does too. Their 2014 guide puts Yorkshire third in the top 10 ‘must visit’ regions of the world, ahead of the likes of Victoria Falls and the West Coast of New Zealand.

The booklet praises our “rugged moorlands, heritage homes and cosy pubs”, as well it should.

It waxes lyrical about York Minister, the success of Yorkshire athletes at the 2012 Olympics and mentions that next year's Tour de France's grand depart will be in Leeds.

Of course it couldn’t list everything that is great about Yorkshire because that would take more volumes than Encyclopaedia Britannica, but they’ve made a good start.

And naturally, Lonely Planet could not have put Yorkshire first, we know that, because, quite frankly no one would have heard the last of it. By the time the party finished hunter gather tribes in South American would know all the words to Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at and would worship a giant statue of Brian Blessed.

But I digress.

Anyway, it is nice have confirmed what we have known for years – Yorkshire is every bit as good as we told you it was. So do yourself a favour, follow the Lonely Planet’s advice and pay us a visit. They don’t call it God’s own county for nothing you know.

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