July 25, 2012

Winter. A time of coldness, darkness, hoarding and hibernation.

Domestic heating oil is a fantastic way of heating your home or property being a more affordable, economical yet equally effective means of keeping the home warm to other methods. As energy prices become more expensive, people are looking for alternate options for heating their homes and domestic heating oil provides a perfect, traditional solution.

Although the price of oil is continually fluctauting it is still one of the most cost effective options for home owners and if you check your heating oil levels regularly, can be ordered well in advance when heating oil prices are at their most competitve.

Don’t leave it to chance – stock up on domestic heating oil early and prepare for winter.

There are different varieties of domestic heating oil to choose from and depending on the type of property you have and the performance needed from the oil will affect your selection. Different providers vary their prices depending on quality and durability of the oil. Rix offer great, high quality choice at competitve prices to give our customers the best possible means for fuelling their home during winter and throughout the year.

Whether you need lots or just a little oil, getting yout domestic heating oil order in early will mean you can store it up ready for when the cold sets in so you have complete peace of mind in being totally prepared for what mother nature has to offer come winter. 

Community buying for domestic heating oil.

If you live in a remote area, a close knit village or just want to get the best heating oil prices for a bulk buy then our domestic heating oil community oil buying scheme is just what your are looking for.

The principle is simple - the bigger the bulk order, the cheaper the price and the benefits are endless -

  • The bigger the delivery for an area the quicker we can get it to you
  • Buying in advance means you can store for winter
  • Competitve prices that save money
  • Happy neighbours

With local depots around the country and retailing nationally we are a leading heating oil suppliers which means we can give the most competitve heating oil prices.

To get more information on domestic heating oil or a quote for your home call 01482 838383.

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