October 08, 2012

Here are some tips to gain the most from your home heating oil.


Make sure your loft insulation is at least 2.5 inches.

Use cavity wall insulation if your property suits using it. Not all properties benefit from using cavity wall insulation.

Make sure all the seals around doors and windows do not let draughts in.

Use a letter box draught excluder.

How to save money with heating oil

Make sure your boiler is serviced every twelve months.

Secure your heating oil tank to reduce theft. Also check your tank as you may think that you are using more oil than normal but it may be a thief stealing small amounts off you but doing it often.

Look into putting a fence around your tank.

Add a lock and look at how secure your fill points plus your vent are.

Look at an alarmed tank monitor.

Short / Medium term investments:

Fit an electronic descaler, it is well worthwhile as they do not cost a lot and will remove scale in the boiler tank making your system more efficient.

Look into installing double or secondary glazing.

Long term investments

A wood burning stove with a back boiler would feed radiators and your hot water.

If you own an old boiler, which is not a condensing boiler, you may want to consider upgrading. Modern condensing boilers generally tend to be 90-92% efficient but look into the size of property as if it is a small to medium sized property it may not always be the best combination. A combi boiler would only heat the water you use.

Other Suggestions

Please take care if you need to do any mowing of lawns or strimming around your tank, this will reduce the risk of cutting the oil tank feed pipe.

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