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Agriculture Lubricants

We recognise that the success of farms is, in part, dependent on the smooth operation of its machinery. Choosing Rix Petroleum as your lubricant oil suppliers is the easiest and safest way to maintain and protect your machines. 


Why Use Agricultural Lubricants?


Agricultural lubricants are vital for keeping farming machinery in good condition, by limiting engine wear and tear and avoiding expensive repairs or the cost of machinery downtime.


There are countless types of oils and lubricants for farms, and choosing the correct type for your machinery is vital. Using the wrong agricultural oils and lubricants can have catastrophic results for your vehicles and machinery. At best, using the improper agricultural lubricants can reduce efficiency and at worst, it can cause severe damage and void your warranty. This can be detrimental to the way your farm operates and the profitability of your business if you’re contending with repairs or downtime as a result of using the wrong agricultural grease.


Choosing the Best Lubricating Oil for Your Machines


At Rix, we’re more than a lubricant oil distributor. Think of our team as an extension of your business, on-hand to remove the burden of trying to find the right lubricant, allowing you to focus on your business. Our experienced account managers are always available to provide expert advice and technical support when you need it most, to ensure you are using the correct agricultural grease for your machinery.


We also advise on keeping your equipment in good order between busy seasons, when it’s not being used as often. Cold and wet weather that typically occurs at the end of the season can corrode the metals in your farming machinery and negatively affect performance. Using the best lubricating oil for your machinery can prevent this and protect the lifespan of your farming gear.


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Get the Right Lubricant
With just a quick phone call our experts will quickly grasp your requirements and recommend the right agricultural lubricants for your machinery. We can then deliver your product in a variety of quantities to suit, from small packs to bulk orders.
Safeguard Your Equipment's Warranty
Modern vehicles and equipment are complex machines, and manufacturers are becoming more strict with their lubrication requirements. Using the wrong lubricants can damage your machinery and potentially invalidate your warranty. Our experts will ensure this doesn’t happen by providing the right product to do the job, protecting your investment.
Protect your Equipment
As licensed suppliers of Q8 Oils, Total, and Exol, we supply some of the leading lubricant products available on the market. It’s important to use the right lubricant, but it’s equally important to use a quality product. Doing so will help your equipment run more efficiently and reliably for longer, saving you time, money and manpower.

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