Gas Oil

Agricultural Gas Oil, is also referred to as red diesel, this is because of the red dye mixed with the fuel, due to the lower duty gas oil attracts. Gas Oil or red diesel is commonly used by farmers for use in farm machinery, such as tractors.

Gas oil can be supplied in two differing grades, that is 1000ppm high sulphur,  and 10ppm low sulphur, it is very important to select the right product for its application as not doing so, could damage the engine of your tractor or machinery.

It is a common misconception that gas oil (red diesel) is illegal. This is not the case, although there are specific restrictions and guidelines surrounding its use. For some vehicles on the farm, however, you will be required to use road diesel – a product Rix also supplies at a great price and to your farm’s schedule and convenience.

Rix employs a team of agricultural experts to help advise on the best product mix for your agricultural machinery.

For more than 80 years, Rix Petroleum has been supplying farms across the UK. If you have a requirement for gas oil, please contact us via the link below and one of our local fuel specialists will get in touch.

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