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Agriculture Fuel Tanks

Choosing the correct farm fuel storage is just as important as selecting the right fuel for your needs. Farms rely heavily on fuel and oil to keep them running, so it’s crucial that proper care is practised. Some of the benefits of considering agricultural fuel tanks carefully include:

  • Maintaining fuel freshness
  • Preventing spills or leaks
  • Preventing fuel spoilage

Rix Petroleum provides fuel storage tanks for farms in a variety of shapes, colours and capacities to suit your requirements. When storing fuel, you want to be assured that your investment is protected and secure. If you have used our forward purchasing arrangement to store heating oil, vehicle or machinery fuel or AdBlue®, agricultural fuel tanks are a necessity when storing fuel onsite.

All our farm fuel storage tanks are eligible for free UK delivery and come with a range of benefits.


Bunded Agricultural Fuel Tanks

If you are concerned about leakage from farm fuel tanks above ground, a bunded tank is a sound solution. Prevent expensive accidents and protect your environment, livestock or produce from spillage with the dual skin construction of a bunded tank, providing protection should the inner tank or outer layer split.


Steel Farm Fuel Storage Tanks

Steel tanks also offer a double skin design, encased in steel. Steel agricultural fuel tanks are highly durable and help to protect against fire, splits and theft.


AdBlue® Tanks

Specifically engineered for the storage of AdBlue, these tanks are available in a range of sizes as well as standard storage units or for dispensing. 


Agricultural Fuel Stations

Fuel stations offer both storage and dispensing facilities for diesel and gas oil. Depending on the size of your establishment and your fuel storage and dispensing needs, choose from two fuel stations:

  • Basic Fuel Stations – ideal for smaller installations where the added value features of advanced fuel stations are not required
  • Advanced Fuel Stations – a more comprehensive diesel and gas oil storage and dispensing solution 

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