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Agriculture Road Diesel for Farms

Rix Petroleum is a leader in UK diesel bulk suppliers. We supply farms across Britain with road diesel, also known as DERV, white diesel, and ULSD. DERV is a commonly-used acronym in the fuel industry and refers to ‘Diesel Engine Road Vehicle’.


What is Road Diesel?


Road diesel is the same as red diesel, except that it is not dyed red and is taxed as standard, making it suitable for general use. While its red, low-tax counterpart should be used off-road, road diesel can be used off-road or on public roads. Aside from their purposes, the only differences between the two types of diesel are the colour and price.


What is Road Diesel Used For?


Road diesel can be used to fuel diesel-compatible cars, vans, trucks and farm vehicles for agricultural use or personal use. Road diesel should be used when it isn’t legal to use red diesel . Strictly speaking, it’s only permitted to use red diesel on public roads if they are travelling short distances between fields or are gritting public roads. Other than this, road diesel must be used any time farm vehicles are being driven on public roads. Therefore, farms will need road diesel in order to operate and benefit from having this fuel delivered in large quantities.  


Our road diesel fuel depots are spread across the UK mainland and allow us to deliver duel to any mainland location, using our own fleet of fuel tankers or third party suppliers when fuel storage facilities are not available. We can supply minimum delivery of 500 litres of road diesel to a maximum quantity of 36,000 litres on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Contact our team today to discuss your road diesel needs. We can advise on quantity based on your mileage and vehicle types if you are unsure of the amount you need delivering. 

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