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Oil fired boiler & Aga cooker servicing from Rix

At Rix, we care about your oil boiler and making sure its heating oil is running to its full potential. Our dedicated heating services team are always on hand providing technical support, product care, and oil boiler & Aga cooker maintenance services.

We recommend an annual winter service to ensure that your oil boiler is working as efficiently as possible, avoiding any breakdowns that may occur during the cold weather.

Getting an annual service for your oil boiler or Aga cooker is the most cost effective way of maintaining your heating system helping you to avoid the expense of a complete system breakdown.

We currently offer oil boiler & Aga cooker servicing throughout Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and East Coast of Scotland.

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Signs your boiler may need servicing

We have put together a list of things to look out for but we would always advise to get an annual winter service on or around the 1st September ready for the winter weather.

  • Black smoke or a build-up of soot – this prevents the boiler from burning oil efficiently
  • A yellow or brown staining around or on the boiler
  • Oil burner lock-out
  • Increased fuel usage


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