Anemone blanda

The cheerful, daisy-like flowers of the Anemone are the first sign that spring is on its way, they come in a wide range of colours – violet, blue, pink and white. They are widely available and easy to grow and care for, so if you want a quick and cheap way to create a delicate, rolling ground cover then Anemones are perfect. We think they are a great choice for a rockery or wild-flower border in a woodland garden.


To have flowers in March you need to plant the bulbs directly into the garden in the autumn, but you can also plant them in spring to bloom over the summer. They prefer full sun or partial shade, and quite adaptable to any type of soil that is well drained. They are very hardy, so would benefit from a few hours soaking in water before planting. If planted in pots and kept indoors or in the greenhouse they can be forced to flower as early as February.


Apart from keeping moist during the growing season Anemones need very little care, and will reach a height of 10cm over a couple of years. The Anemone Blanda varieties are also particularly renowned for self-seeding and will spreading to create a wide cover in a border.

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