Is your home winter proof?

As the cold weather settles in you may be feeling confident about your heating oil system after getting your boiler and tank serviced. However, there are still ways to check your home to reduce heat loss and make your heating oil go further. Here are a few simple tips to keep your home warm throughout winter.


Turning down the thermostat

It is such a small thing that makes a mighty difference, turning down your thermostat just 1° could save up to 10% off our annual fuel bills.


Repair any draughts

 Check all the windows and doors around your home to find any draughts, any small leaks of hot air from your home will mean it takes longer to heat up increasing bills. Fix any window air leaks by filling them with the appropriate chalks or foams. Gaps around doors can be cheaply and quickly be reduced with a draught excluder.


Double glazing cheats

Some older properties mean that it is difficult to get double glazing put in, plus there is the extra cost. As a quick fix you can purchase double glazing film or stretch wrap to help keep the heat inside your home.

Available from most DIY stores, they can be attached to windows and doors.


Wrap up your home

Wanting to go further ensure you have good insulation in your loft, adding 270mm of insulation to your loft can save a lot on your heating, plus reduce carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere. It can take as little as two years for the insulation to pay for itself. Adding cavity wall insulation is another way to keep the energy in and reduces the build-up of condensation.


Oil boiler service

If you haven’t already make sure you have had your oil fired boiler and oil tank serviced, this ensures it is running at its full potential keeping your home warm and lowering your heating bill.  During your oil boiler service by an OFTEC qualified engineer (available from Rix in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and East Coast of Scotland) they will clean the boiler and clear all airways as well as look out for any signs of damage and wear that could cause issues over the winter period. Find out more about a boiler service.


Other handy tips

  • When insulating your home don’t forget about the letterbox – This can save 27% of your hallways heat
  • Curtains with thermal linings will help trap the heat inside the home.
  • When those rare sunny days happen over winter make sure you open any curtains and blinds to let the sun heat rooms up.
  • Keep doors shut throughout the house to keep your rooms toasty. You can also turn down/off radiators in rooms not used to save wasted fuel

Finally, Don’t forget that ordering your heating fuel before December can help you get a better price as well as on a faster delivery. You can check our current Heating Oil Prices using our instant quote tool.

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