February 01, 2013

A domestic heating oil boiler is in essence the heart of the home it is running in, providing the warmth and means to live comfortably. Even with this in mind it is sometimes overlooked or not appreciated just how important boiler maintenance is which significantly helps to maximise the capability and extend its working life.

Booking an annual service with your domestic heating oil supplier is one of the best ways of making sure your heating system is operating correctly. A regular check-up can not only help off set costs by helping to make fuel savings, it is less costly than having to payout for an expensive emergency breakdown.

If you haven’t had your system serviced for a while then there are a few things to look out for that if present may require calling your engineer:

  • The colour of the smoke leaving the chimney is black. This may be a sign of poor combustion
  • If the reset button  on your boiler trips the burner off
  • Soot is around the chimney
  • There are any unusual noises or odours coming from the boiler
  • Any domestic heating oil is leaking out

Familiarising yourself with your heating system is a really good idea so you know its  location, make, model, different functions etc, in case something happens will be better equipped at recognising an issue which can be relayed to your engineer.

Domestic heating oil setups require a well ventilated area with lots of air to keep the fuel burning properly. To keep your system running safely, keep this space free from clutter, dust and any debris so dirt/lint doesn’t enter the burner causing inefficiency.

Although boiler manufacturers have improved the general durability, capability and reduced the carbon emissions of the domestic heating oil from modern models it is still vital to keeping it working at its best that you have an annual service by a professional OFTEC registered engineer.

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