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Considered by some the best oil for diesel tractors, GasOil Plus is designed with tractors in mind by meeting all the requirements of a modern tractor diesel engine. GasOil Plus is the same product as red diesel with premium additives to benefit your engine.


What are The Benefits of GasOil Plus?


What sets GasOil Plus apart from standard gas oil or red diesel is that it has a higher cetane number. This helps achieve:


- Smoother power delivery

- Lower black smoke and NOx emissions

- Reduced noise from the engine


GasOil Plus also takes care of fuel injectors by keeping them clean and preventing residue build-up. Dirty or clogged fuel injectors can lead to a host of problems, from starting issues to catastrophic engine failure. Investing in GasOil Plus helps mitigate the risk of these symptoms, which is paramount when you wish to run vehicles efficiently. 


Diesel tanks can attract water through natural condensation, which can corrode and damage engines long-term. GasOil Plus contains a demulsifier which helps to separate water from fuel, as well as a corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces where water is present to prevent these issues from occurring.


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Meets BS 2869:2017 standards
Maintains engine power over vehicle lifespan
Reduces emissions
Increases fuel lubricity - protects pump & injectors
helps protect against diesel bug

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